Lennox Welding offers a wide variety of replacement parts. The products we stock are either built by trusted manufacturers, or are designed and fabricated by Lennox. We also source unique parts for our customers that are not carried in stock.

We go the extra mile in the shop, so our customers can go further in the field.

Control Consoles

  • Custom Top Plates
  • Prewired for Install or Party Only
  • Seat or Floor Mount Options


  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Control Valves
  • Diverter Valves
  • Filtration
  • Cooling
  • Hoses

Air Controls

  • Joysticks (ie. Vector Controls 9180011)
  • Push Pull Valves (ie. LV22852)
  • Band Brake Valves (ie. LV106)
  • Air Cylinders (Extensive line of Bimba products)


  • Back-up Camera Systems
  • Wireless Winch Controls
  • Grote Lights
  • Rigid Lights


  • PTO (ie. Chelsea)
  • Custom Drive Lines
  • Sprockets and Chain


  • Filters
  • Tailboard Blocks
  • Marker Posts
  • Oil Tanks
  • Air Shift Cylinders
  • Custom Winch Control Consoles
  • Bed and Winch Tractor Live Rolls
  • Custom Built Snatch Blocks 6” – 8” – 10”
  • Custom Built Gin Poles
  • Custom Built Aluminum Tool Boxes
  • Custom Built Light Boxes
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